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mymonX/Greenhabit – combined prevention management

One mymonX wearable including 3 months mymonX subscription + 3 months Greenhabit prevention management programme.

First 1000 pre-orders: £345 / €395
1000+ orders: £429 / €495

GreenHabit programme starts on the Monday following your order. 

Greenhabit is a training in which you work on your physical and mental health in small steps. The method focuses on developing new habits. Every day attention is paid to 5 elements that ensure that you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


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mymonX/Greenhabit – samenwerkende gezondheids- en preventie organisaties
Eén mymonX horloge inclusief 3 maanden mymonX abonnement + 3 maanden Greenhabit preventie management programma.

Eerste 1000 pre-orders: £345 / €395 1000+ bestellingen: £429 / €495

Het GreenHabit-programma start op de maandag na de ontvangst van uw bestelling. 

Greenhabit is een training waarin je in kleine stapjes werkt aan je fysieke en mentale gezondheid. De methode richt zich op het ontwikkelen van nieuwe gewoontes. Elke dag wordt er aandacht besteed aan de 5 elementen die ervoor zorgen dat je een gezonde levensstijl ontwikkelt en behoudt.


You can get your hands on the mymonX wearable for £249

Subscription: Full access to all the features of the mymonX app for £9.99/month.

As a thank you for staying with us, we will provide you with a free personalised doctor-reviewed health report after 6 months and a 20% discount on a new wearable if you stay with us for 12 months.

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    Our AI-based non-invasive glucose monitoring (mmol/L) can help people better manage their blood sugar levels. By tracking their glucose levels throughout the day, people can identify trends, and make lifestyle adjustments to their diet and physical activity to aim to keep their levels within a healthy range.


    Our on-demand ECG measures the electrical activity of the heart to assess the health of the heart and diagnose a variety of conditions. Our AI-based ECG report alerts to detect potential problems with the heart's rhythm and structure, such as a heart attack, arrhythmias, and other abnormalities.


    Blood pressure reflects the force of blood flow in the vessels of the body. Low blood pressure, or hypotension, can cause dizziness and fainting. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a major risk factor for heart issues. If not kept in check it can also lead to more serious chronic conditions.


    Your heart rate reflects the amount of blood being pumped by the heart. A healthy heart rate is typically between 60-100 beats/minute depending on age and fitness level. A too high or too low a heart rate can mean potential health issues that may need to be addressed.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a vitals wearable?  

    A vitals wearable is a device that is worn on the body to track and monitor various health metrics, such as heart rate, sleep patterns, and activity levels. 

  • How accurate is the device's data?  

    The device is designed to be highly accurate, but individual results may vary. 

  • Can the device be used for medical purposes?  

    The device is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Consult with a doctor before using any wearable. 

  • What kind of data does the wearable collect?  

    The wearable collects data such as heart rate, sleep patterns, steps taken, and calories burned. 

  • How do I wear the device?  

    The device is worn on the wrist, like a watch. It should be worn snugly but not too tight. 

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