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mymonX/Greenhabit – combined prevention management

One mymonX wearable including 3 months mymonX subscription + 3 months Greenhabit prevention management programme.

GreenHabit programme starts on the Monday following your order. 

Greenhabit is a training in which you work on your physical and mental health in small steps. The method focuses on developing new habits. Every day attention is paid to 5 elements that ensure that you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Greenhabit is the most effective and clinically validated way to permanently change your health. By using algorithms, underlying causes can be identified and we personalize the challenges in the program.

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Full access to all the features of the mymonX app for 9.99/month.

we will provide you with a monthly personalised doctor-reviewed health report and a 20% discount on a new wearable if you stay with us for 12 months.