Only half of Brits understand what their wearable actually does…

Only half of Brits understand what their wearable actually does…

New YouGov data released by mymonX a non-invasive health and wellness device that analyses vitals to empower proactive health control, underpinned by AI found that ONLY half (54%) of Brits understand all the metrics on their wearable device.

There has been a real boom in wearable devices over the past 6 years, so it’s concerning to see low overall levels of confidence in understanding what health metrics such as ECG, ‘heart rate, and ‘glucose mean, and how they influence adults’overall health.

Surprisingly, the research found high confidence with Millennials and lower levels of confidence with Gen X and Baby Boomers:

25-34 year olds: 60% are confident in understanding what the metrics mean
35–44 year olds: 61% are confident
o Despite not being ‘digital natives’, this age group best understands the metrics from smart devices
45-54 year olds: 53% are confident
55+ year olds: 49% are confident
o The lowest level of confidence out of all age groups

Interestingly, understanding declines as age increases – a cause for concern as health risks, such as developing type 2 diabetes, is more likely to affect adults aged 45 or older and is typically due to a combination of factors including obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and poor diet.

Sylvia Smit, Founder and CEO of mymonX, comments: “Worryingly, half of Brits (54%) are not confident about what their wearable is telling them. This is particularly crucial for the least confident age bracket, 55+, as age increases the risk factor for health conditions.”

“It’s good to know what your metrics are – but that’s only the first baby step. You need to understand what these metrics mean, what your ‘normal’ is and what you can do to get in control of your health. It’s important to monitor vitals and know what the metrics mean to make well-informed actionable lifestyle adjustments.”

“That’s why we’ve created our smartwatch. It’s the first of its kind to non-invasively and continuously measure glucose levels, heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, body temperature and more. Our medical professionals consistently review and share personalised reports of your health so you can proactively understand your body’s metrics and make healthier life choices.”

“It’s time to put the power back in people’s hands and on their wrists.”

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