Physical Manifestation

Physical Manifestation

What you think about at any given time, will manifest in how you feel.

When we think happy, positive, good quality thoughts, we will naturally feel good in our body. But when we think worrying and fearful thoughts, this will manifest as stress and anxiety in the body and our vitals and measurements will likely be impacted.

You could experience:

Elevated Blood Pressure
Breathing will accelerate and be more shallow
Blood Oxygenation reduces with less oxygen in the blood stream
Heart Rate will be high
HRV becomes jagged and disordered if measured overtime, because the heart is beating irregularly and not harmoniously.

My recommendations to tackle negative thoughts from my own personal experience and my signature coaching programme are:

1. Catch yourself in the act – when you feel the onset of anxiety/stress in your body and you can see your BP is rising, your Heart Rate is accelerating, breathing is constricted.

You know you are getting involved with the wrong thinking – maybe even subconsciously.

Stop those thoughts in their tracks – DISENGAGE FROM THEM. Don’t judge them just DISENGAGE from them.

Get up, go for a walk, shower, take some long slow deep breaths, be quiet and meditate with eyes closed, eat, drink water, watch TV.  The key is DISENGAGING from the thoughts that made you feel bad.

2. Activate a feeling of deep appreciation and/or gratitude for someone or something in your life 

Focus on bringing in that feeling, focus on feeling it more and more, radiating from your heart.  See your gratitude radiating outside of you to your home, your town, your country and even the world.

Keep a close eye on those vitals on your mymonX – see the physical manifestation evidenced as improving your measurements in the moment and overtime.

By Nicola Adkin.

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